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Jenn Hartmann Luck writes musicals for the next generation of theatre lovers. She blends her passion for storytelling and young people with her folk/rock aesthetic and is creating vibrant new works for the stage! 



Gretel The Musical Cover Hi-Res.jpg

Book by Jason Tremblay and Suzan Zeder
Music by Jenn Hartmann Luck 
Lyrics by Luck, Zeder, & Tremblay 
Cello Arrangements by Nora Karakousoglou

Before there was Hansel, there was Gretel! Based on the Russian source that is the origin story of the tale, this musical focuses on the girls and women at the center of the adventure. Featuring folk/rock music, the songs capture the darkness but also the humor and humanity of Gretel’s journey to fetch the skull of undying light from Baba Yaga, one of the most fascinating witches of all time. On her way, Gretel meets the Black Knight, who holds the secrets of the stars in his cloak, and three horsemen, who carry the sun across the sky. Once Gretel reaches Baba Yaga’s hut on chicken legs, she confronts the witch. Baba Yaga sets three impossible tasks for Gretel to complete in exchange for the skull. In the tasks, Gretel discovers the positive power of her anger, the comfort of her compassion, the gift of her grief, and the truth of her own birthright, as she teaches herself how to survive. Learn more...

by Suzan Zeder and Jenn Hartmann Luck 

The Battlefields of Clara Barton is a folk/rock/historical/contemporary musical about the life of Clara Barton; Civil War nurse, political activist, revered founder of the American Red Cross. In a tumultuous life that spanned almost a century, Clara fought on many battlefields: historical, political, and emotional. 


Clara’s story is brought to vibrant life by an ensemble of women, playing multiple roles, where age and gender are fluid. Diverse means of story-telling including spoken word poetry, abstract movement, scenes, and songs capture the chaos and complexity of the times. The threads of Clara’s life run from past to present with seamless synchronicity, creating a rich tapestry of themes as personal and potent today as they were in Clara’s times.

Learn more...

Clara AMTP.jpg

by Suzan Zeder & Jenn Hartmann Luck & Helen M. Pursley

Commissioned by The Kennedy Center

As the Earth struggles to take care of all she loves, a monstrous new neighbor moves in next door to a family. Mayhem ensues.  Singing, dancing, laughing and sleep help to heal.

Learn more...

New Next-Door


by Ben Snyder & Jenn Hartmann Luck

You Can't Win POSTER.jpg

This new musical tells of Jack Black, the first career criminal to ever publish his autobiography in the United States. The story begins in post-Civil War Kansas City, Missouri and ends in San Francisco, California in the 1920s. Jack Black is the real deal. His story is a one of a kind classic, a poetic journey into history and the sociological study of America's criminal class.

Workshopped at the 2011 Cohen New Works Festival

by Lindsay Genshaft & Jenn Hartmann Luck

Footprints An Eco-Musical Poster.jpg

This new musical for young audiences follows the story of a young girl named Sophie and her quest to save a forest. Along her journey, Sophie meets some ancient beings and draws on her connection with nature to communicate with them and work towards mutual understanding. This project also incorporates the principles of eco-theatre and sustainable theatre practice.

Workshopped at the 2009 Cohen New Works Festival

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