Original Artwork by: Levente Szabo

Book by Jason Tremblay and Suzan Zeder
Music by Jenn Hartmann Luck 
Lyrics by Luck, Zeder, & Tremblay 
Cello Arrangements by Nora Karakousoglou

On her way, Gretel meets the Black Knight, who holds the secrets of the stars in his cloak, and three horsemen, who carry the sun across the sky. Once Gretel reaches Baba Yaga’s hut on chicken legs, she confronts the witch. Baba Yaga sets three impossible tasks for Gretel to complete in exchange for the skull.


Based on the Russian source that is the origin story of the tale, this musical focuses on the girls and women at the center of the adventure. Featuring folk/rock music, the songs capture the darkness but also the humor and humanity of Gretel’s journey to fetch the skull of undying light from Baba Yaga, one of the most fascinating witches of all time.

In the tasks, Gretel discovers the positive power of her anger, the comfort of her compassion, the gift of her grief, and the truth of her own birthright, as she teaches herself how to survive.

In Memory of Jason Tremblay
For Oliver Tremblay
"His story will live in on in you"


Gretel! The Musical - Studio Demos
Featuring: Veronica Williams, Jason Phelps, Jenn Hartmann Luck, Nora Karakousoglou


Introducing Echo Picone as Gretel

Recorded by Antonio Delgado at Ice Cream Factory Studio in Austin, TX

"Our audiences raved about the power of the story, the music, the vivid characters and the incredibly strong protagonist."

-Jeff Frank, First Stage Artistic Director


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